What is the word quartered mean?

verb. quartered; quartering; quarters. Definition of quarter (Entry 2 of 3) transitive verb. 1a : to cut or divide into four equal or nearly equal parts quarter an apple condemned to be hanged, drawn, and quartered.

What does close quartered mean?

: immediate contact or close range fought at close quarters.

What is an example of quartering?

Quartering sentence example

I’ve watched the barn owl quartering the fields most afternoons when I’ve been working there; which makes for a pleasant interlude. A ringtail Hen Harrier was also seen quartering at the bridge on the road between Guerriero and Alcarias.

What does quartered mean in cooking?

Quarter. To cut or divide into four equal parts.

What is ACQB?

Close-quarters combat (CQC) or close-quarters battle (CQB) is a tactical situation that involves a physical fight with firearms involved between multiple combatants at quite short range. It can occur between military units, police/corrections officers and criminal elements, and in other similar situations.

What does it mean for a soldiers to be quarter?

The act of a government in billeting or assigning soldiers to private houses, without the consent of the owners of such houses, and requiring such owners to supply them with board or lodging or both.

What are quarter slices?

Remove the skin of the carrot with a peeler and remove the stem. Then cut in half and in the shape of a cross into 4 parts, and slice cut-side down at consistent widths from end to end. It is most efficient to cut each piece vertically in half. Movie.

What is pastry dredge?

The verb dredge means to coat a food lightly, usually in flour. … To dredge food in flour, spread some flour in a shallow dish that’s wide enough for the item that you want to coat—a cutlet, for example. First pat the cutlet mostly dry with paper towels and then season it with salt and pepper.

Why is it called a quarter?

Quart and quarter come from Latin by way of French; in Latin, quartus means “the fourth”; it is cognate with four. Quart came to mean “one-fourth of a gallon,” while quarter refers to one of four (usually) equal parts of a whole.

What does cutting chicken crosswise mean?

Crosswise is simply slicing in the opposite direction—like the lines of latitude on a globe, or going around the circumference of a sphere. Crosswise cuts are typically called for when you want to make rounds of even thickness, like onion rings or tomato slices for a bagel.

What is an onion quartered?

Trim off the stem end only if cutting slices or chopping the onion. If cutting into quarters, trim off the stem and root ends. Peel off the dry, papery outer skin and also the next layer if it is damaged or beginning to shrivel. The onion half is then ready to be quartered, sliced, or chopped.

What is lengthwise on an onion?

Cutting an onion lengthwise — or any fruit or vegetables — means you should slice it from the root end to the bud end. From one pole to the other.

What does it mean to cut chicken into cutlets?

What does against the grain mean when cutting meat?

Usually, we cut a piece of meat against the grain after it’s finished cooking and resting, just before serving. … That means we’re going to slice the brisket, across the grain, before we start to cook it.

What is a 9 piece cut chicken?

Fresh chicken cut in 9 pieces. 2 wings. 2 drumsticks. 2 thighs. 3 breast pieces.