What is the best wood to make a gun cabinet out of?

Hard maple, as the name implies is a strong, heavy, and hard wood that works great for gun cabinets. Due to its light starting color hard maple has a wide palette of colors that it can be stained from natural whitish or dark.

Can a gun cabinet be made of wood?

So yes, the wooden cabinet is perfectly fine, and legal.

Do gun cabinets need to be hidden?

It must not be kept in an obvious place — Out of sight, out of mind. Police want to see your gun cabinet held in a location that isn’t obviously on display, and in a place that is itself secure. This means putting it somewhere that isn’t a regularly visited area of the home, such as a locked garage or attic.

What humidity should guns be stored at?

The ideal humidity for gun storage is 50%.

Even if you store your firearms in a gun safe, humidity can seep inside. To prevent this, you need a dehumidifier that will dry and circulate the air.