When did the Vikings miss the field goal?

At a critical moment late in the game, Anderson missed a field goal for the first time that year, which, if converted, would have given the Vikings a nearly insurmountable 10-point lead.

1998 NFC Championship Game.
Atlanta Falcons (2) (14–2)Minnesota Vikings (1) (15–1)
Head coach: Dan ReevesHead coach: Dennis Green

Who won the 1998 NFC Championship game?

Known simply as “The Kick”, Morten Andersen nailed a game-winning 38-yard field goal in overtime against the Minnesota Vikings, lifting the Falcons to their first-ever Super Bowl appearance with a 30-27 win.

Who did the Vikings lose to in 1998?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers
The Vikings finished the season 15–1, their only loss by three points to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in week nine.

What happened to kicker Gary Anderson?

Anderson continued his NFL career for six more seasons until retiring in 2004. He ranks third in games played (353), points scored (2,434), and field goals made (538) and is also the Steelers’ all-time leading scorer at 1,343 points.

Who played in the 1999 NFC Championship Game?

NFC: San Francisco 49ers 30, Green Bay Packers 27

Who won the 1995 NFC Championship?

NFC: Philadelphia Eagles 58, Detroit Lions 37

Who has the longest field goal in NFL history?

1. Justin Tucker’s 66-yard FG kick makes history for longest NFL field goal.

How many field goals did Gary Anderson make in a row?

Conversely, the record for most consecutive field goals for both the regular season and post-season combined belongs to Gary Anderson. He converted 46 attempts in a row. Although Vinatieri played for the New England Patriots, he does not hold the franchise record.

How old is the oldest football player ever?

The oldest NFL player in history was George Blanda, who retired at the age of 48 in 1976. He was originally drafted by the Chicago Bears in 1949, meaning his career stretched for four decades. The only other NFL player to do this is former Giants kicker John Carney, who played from 1987-2010.

Has anyone ever kicked a 75 yard field goal?

The Ravens kicker booted a monster field goal through the uprights during Wednesday’s Pro Bowl practice.

Is a 100 yard field goal possible?

If you somehow have a kicker that can reliably make a 100 yard field goal with the regularity that elite kickers make normal (30–50 yard) goals, you can easily go undefeated.

Who is Justin Tucker’s wife?

Justin Tucker/Wife
Ravens Kicker Justin Tucker married his fiancee Amanda Bass over weekend in Austin, TX.

Does a blocked field goal count as a miss?

The game itself doesn’t care if it was missed, blocked or nullified by a penalty, it just counts as no score.

What is Justin Tucker’s field goal percentage?

Justin Tucker
Field goals made:324
Field goal %:91.0
Points scored:1,353
Longest field goal:66

How many FG has Justin Tucker missed?

13 missed
Tucker’s accuracy is even more impressive when you analyze the few he doesn’t nail through the uprights. Of Tucker’s 13 missed field goals since 2016 (a span of 83 games), nine have been on tries over 45 yards. Tucker is an astounding 98.1% on tries inside 40 yards for his career (162-of-165).

How much is Justin Tucker paid?

Kickers’ earnings soared in 2021, making Baltimore Ravens kicker Justin Tucker the highest-paid kicker. He has a $3.5 million base salary, matched with Jacksonville’s Josh Lambo. But Tucker also took a supplementary $1.6 million signing bonus payout to grant him a cumulative pay of $5.1 million for the season.

Who is the most accurate kicker in NFL history?

Justin Tucker
On Sunday, Justin Tucker became the fastest kicker to 1,000 points – just 118 games. He’s the most accurate kicker in NFL history (90.6 percent).

How many field goals has Butker missed?

Chiefs’ Harrison Butker: Misses two kicks

Butker missed one of three field-goal attempts and one of two extra-point tries in Sunday’s 19-9 win over the Cowboys. Butker started by missing his opening PAT, but he subsequently converted a 37-yard field goal on Kansas City’s next drive.

Did Tucker miss a field goal today?

Justin Tucker just missed the first field goal of his career. FanSided’s John Buhler had empathy for Tucker’s miss, saying that it’s something all NFL fans feel whenever he misses.

What school did Justin Tucker go to?

Justin Tucker/Education

How many extra points has Butker missed 2020?

After his fifth missed extra point of the season in a Week 7 game against the Denver Broncos, Butker set a career high for missed extra points in a season despite only attempting 24 extra points up to that point. He finished the 2020 season converting 25-for-27 field-goal attempts and 48-for-54 on extra-point attempts.