How do I find out what Apple is charging me for?

How to see what you were charged for
  1. To see your purchase history, go to
  2. Sign in with your Apple ID.
  3. A list of purchases appears. To see family members’ purchases, select the Apple ID button and choose a family member.
  4. To see the full receipt including tax, tap or click the date.

Why is Apple taking money from my account?

Question: Q: Apple is taking money from my account

– Purchases can be made with your ID if your Apple ID is compromised (what to do ➞ ) or somebody else has access to your device (require purchase password ➞ ).

How do I stop Apple from charging me?

How to cancel a subscription on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch
  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Tap your name.
  3. Tap Subscriptions.
  4. Tap the subscription that you want to manage. Don’t see the subscription that you’re looking for?
  5. Tap Cancel Subscription.

Why did Apple charge me when I didn’t buy anything?

If the charges are not reflected in the Purchase History, then it’s most likely a fraudulent charge to your credit card directly or your credit card number has been stolen and used by someone else in another iTunes Store account rather than being an unauthorized purchase through your account.

Why is Apple charging me 7.99 a month?

It could be something else from the iTunes Store, or App Store. See your purchase history for the App Store or iTunes Store – Apple Support. All items that are charged to your Apple ID account, will be specified in the purchase history, including subscription fees.

How do I stop Apple from deducting my credit?

Go to iTunes main page bottom of page apple I’d click that view I’d Go to manage subscriptions stop the payments you don’t want to pay.