What is a Fanook in Italian?

Noun. finook (plural finooks) (slang, derogatory) Homosexual.

What is the meaning of Mezza?

: with medium or half volume —used as a direction in music.

What is a Finook?

Filters. (derogatory) Homosexual. noun.

What is a Medigan Italian?

Medigan is Italian American slang for “American.” Imagine someone with a thick Italian accent pronouncing the word, and it sounds like “Ah-med-i-gan,” which then became truncated to medigan . It is never a compliment in any context, but a derogatory term used to mark those who are not Italian.

How do you pronounce Mezza?

How do you say half in French?

  1. [ of amount, object] moitié f. half of it la moitié …
  2. ( in numbers, measurements) two and a half deux et demi. …
  3. ( in expressions of time) …
  4. [ of match] mi-temps f. …
  5. [ of sports ground] moitié f (du terrain)
  6. (= child’s ticket) demi-tarif m ⧫ billet m demi-tarif. …
  7. (= half pint) demi-pinte f.

What is a Metagon?

noun. Biology. A virus-like extranuclear RNA particle postulated to occur in certain strains of paramecium, which can infect and eliminate other strains.

What does Marone mean in The Sopranos?

Marone – (Southern Italian dialect) – literally “Madonna” (i.e. – the Blessed Virgin Mary, not the pop star), generally used as “damn” or “damn it”. Sometimes pronounced “ma don”. … Musciada – (Southern Italian dialect) – usually pronounced “moosh ahd”, meaning mushy, as in over-cooked pasta (yuck!).