What are some bad things about New York?

Read on for my list of bad things about living in New York.
  • Waiting for most everything. …
  • Favorite places close. …
  • Inflated prices. …
  • Trash is always on the streets. …
  • The dog poop. …
  • I’ll never know or see it all. …
  • The competitive edge. …
  • The amount of money I spend on shoes.

Is Queens safer than Brooklyn?

You’re probably surprised to learn that of the 20 safest neighborhoods in New York, the borough of Queens actually leads the pack with 9 neighborhoods, Manhattan has 6 (including 3 out of the 5 safest neighborhoods), the Bronx has 4, and Brooklyn has only 1 neighborhood that ranks.

Should I live in Brooklyn or Manhattan?

Generally speaking, Brooklyn neighborhoods tend to have a more open and residential feel. The streets are usually wider, and the buildings aren’t as tall as you’d find in Manhattan. The pace of life also tends to be slower, and the sense of community stronger.

Is NYC depressing?

New Yorkers aren’t the most depressed people in the country, but their lack of sleep and exercise is putting a major dent in the city’s overall happiness, a study has found.

Should I move to Florida from NYC?

Some advantages in moving from New York to Florida include lower cost of living, no state income tax, and a moderate climate. Becoming a permanent snowbird is nothing to be ashamed of. But consider picking a home with extra rooms for guests as your friends and family members will be eager to visit you down South.

Is living in NY hard?

NYC is a very difficult city to live in at first, and expensive. Us veterans who’ve made it past the first few tough years are rightly proud of that. It also gives you many rewards with the many things it provides.

Why is NYC so expensive?

New York City has a reputation for being one of the most expensive cities in the world. New York City’s high cost of living is due to its booming economy and large job market across a variety of industries. Rents in the city are reaching historic rates and 1.5 million New Yorkers are living in poverty.

Is NYC stressful?

New York City ranked 59th in overall score at 45.65. The majority of New Yorkers’ stress was found to be work-related, with the Big Apple ranking fourth overall in the work stress category. The main culprit was traffic congestion, where New York City ranked first out of all 182 cities.

Is heating Free in NYC?

Answer: Landlords are required by New York City law to provide heat and hot water, but the person responsible for paying depends on the type of building you are renting in, according to our experts.

Why is the NYC subway so dirty?

NYC subway has tunnels that cross under water if it is coming from Manhattan into another borough. When hurricanes or heavy rain come through, it corrodes everything. Because NYC is soo busy 24/7, there’s barely any time to clean up the stations. And if the subways do shut down for cleaning, it is usually 50% work.

Can a family of 4 live in a 1 bedroom apartment in NYC?

Yes, a family of 4 can live in a 1 bedroom apartment in NYC.

Is water free in NYC?

In New York City, it’s pretty much what you see is what you get. Landlords are required to supply heat and water, so there are rarely extra charges for those.

How much is gas bill in NYC?

New York was also found to have the following average monthly electricity bills: Monthly electricity cost: $102. Monthly natural-gas cost: $68.

What does it mean if water is included in rent?

A “utilities included” apartment usually means that there is only one bill for you as a renter. Your utilities such as water, sewer, trash, and electricity are not paid to a utility company, but to your landlord with your rent.

How do I get WIFI in NYC?

Best Internet Service in New York City
  1. 844-598-0216. Order Online. Verizon Fios. …
  2. 855-574-0489. Order Online. Spectrum. …
  3. 855-792-0416. RCN. 360 Overall rating. …
  4. 855-586-0841. HughesNet. 360 Overall rating. …
  5. 855-586-0836. Viasat Internet. 360 Overall rating. …
  6. T-Mobile Home Internet. Monthly Cost. Starting at $50.00. …
  7. 855-583-1006. Order Online.

Is gas included in rent NYC?

Electric and Gas: Are these utilities included in the rent? You need to pay your own electric and gas. This utility is usually not included in the rent. When you move in, you should set up an account with the local gas and electric company (usually Con Ed).

How much is the electricity in New York?

How much is electricity in NY? The NY average electricity rate is 14.34 cents/kWh, as compared to the US national average of 10.53 cents per kWh. That means that a New York household or a business with a monthly energy usage of 1000 kWhs will pay a bill of approximately 140 dollars.

Is there free internet in NYC?

Free Internet Locations in NYC

There are many places across the city where you can go to connect to internet for free. … All branches of the New York Public Library. Several public spaces in Lower Manhattan. LinkNYC kiosks across the City.

How much is WiFi per month NYC?

All available New York City residential internet providers
ProviderStarting price*Speed range
Starry Internet$50.00/mo.100 – 200 Mbps
Optimum$35.00/mo.200 – 940 Mbps
Spectrum$49.99/mo.200 – 940 Mbps
HughesNet$49.99/mo.25 Mbps