How many atoms are in tantalum?

It has an atomic number of 73, and an atomic weight of just under 181. It always takes a valence of 5, so, for example, its oxide contains two atoms of tantalum and five of oxygen.
Discovery date1802
Origin of the nameThe name is derived from the legendary Greek figure King Tantalus.

How many protons are in tantalum?

Tantalum/Atomic number

How many neutrons are there in tantalum?

The nucleus consists of 73 protons (red) and 108 neutrons (blue).

What is the electron configuration for tantalum?

Xe 4f14 5d3 6s2
Tantalum/Electron configuration

How many neutrons are in tantalum 181?

Properties of Tantalum-181 Isotope:
Properties of Tantalum-181 Isotope:TANTALUM-181
Neutron Number (N)108
Atomic Number (Z)73
Mass Number (A)181
Nucleon Number (A)181

How many shells does tantalum have?

Tantalum is a chemical element with the symbol Ta and atomic number 73.
Periodperiod 6
Electron configuration[Xe] 4f14 5d3 6s2
Electrons per shell2, 8, 18, 32, 11, 2

What is the atomic mass number of tantalum?

Tantalum/Atomic number

What is the molar mass of tantalum?

180.94788 u
Tantalum/Atomic mass

Is tantalum a rare earth?

Tantalum is a rare element on earth with a content of 2 ppm in the continental crust and 8 ppm in the earth’s shell.

How is tantalum made?

Tantalum occurs naturally in the mineral columbite-tantalite. … Separating tantalum from niobium requires either electrolysis, reduction of potassium fluorotantalate with sodium or reacting the carbide with oxide. Natural tantalum contains two isotopes while twenty-five isotopes are known to exist.

What element family is tantalum?

Tantalum is a transition metal in Group 5 (VB) of the periodic table. The periodic table is a chart that shows how chemical elements are related to one another. Tantalum is one of the most inert metals known.

Is tantalum toxic?

Tantalum salts are non-toxic when taken orally because they are poorly absorbed and quickly eliminated from mammals. Tantalum is inert enough to be used as an implant material for humans. Inhaling tantalum oxide (Ta20s) has caused transient bronchitis and interstitial pneumonitis with hyperemia in mammals.

What’s the rarest metal on earth?

The rarest stable metal is tantalum. The rarest metal on earth is actually francium, but because this unstable element has a half life of a mere 22 minutes, it has no practical use.

What is the rarest element on earth?

A team of researchers using the ISOLDE nuclear-physics facility at CERN has measured for the first time the so-called electron affinity of the chemical element astatine, the rarest naturally occurring element on Earth.

Is tantalum expensive?

FORTUNE — Tantalum is a rare element in high demand. To control tantalum is to control a key part of the 21st-century supply chain: Half of all tantalum mined goes into electronic capacitors, which store an electric charge. And it is expensive — $130 per pound, vs. its rarer cousin, tungsten, at $28.

What color is tantalum?

Once extracted, pure tantalum is a hard blue-gray lustrous metal.

Is tantalum flammable?

TANTALUM dust reacts rapidly with oxidizing agents (oxygen, fluorine, chlorine). Highly flammable in air, igniting spontaneously when dry.

Who owns the most tantalum?

Rwanda. Rwanda is the world’s biggest tantalum producer, but as mentioned it is associated with conflict minerals issues — it is an open secret that much of Rwanda’s mineral production arrives from countries like the DRC, where conflict minerals are a problem.

What country has the most tantalum?

Rwanda is the world’s largest producer of tantalum, an essential mineral for the electronics industries. According to the latest Mineral Commodity Summaries report, Rwanda produced around 37 percent of the world’s tantalum supply in 2015, while DR Congo accounted for a further 32 percent.

Is tantalum worth more than gold?

However, unlike other industrial metals like ceramic, titanium, tungsten or cobalt, tantalum is much pricier. It’s not as expensive as gold or platinum, but it’s not exactly cheap either. To put it into perspective, compare these very similar tantalum and titanium rings. There’s a difference of over $200 in price.

Who discovered tantalum?