Does Zuko and Mai end up together?

But according to the creators, Mai is the one who ends up marrying Zuko, and the name Izumi means fountain, which goes back to the fountain incident when Zuko and Mai were kids.

Who does Zuko marry?

Aang wedded Katara, Zuko married Mai, the weddings of both sokka and toph weren’t clearly portrayed.

Are Zuko and Mai in love?

While Zuko and Mai are shown to have puppy love crushes on one another in flashbacks, they aren’t actually dating at the time of the series. Zuko had been banished since he was 13 and trying to find the Avatar, so they didn’t really have time to have a serious romantic relationship.

Is Mai Zuko’s wife?

Zukos wife is Mai.

Do Zuko and Mai have a kid?

Many of these elements have been addressed in the Avatar sequel comics, but one aspect remains a mystery: Legend of Korra confirms that Zuko eventually had children, leading to the birth of his daughter Izumi, who in turn had two children of her own.

Who does Mai end up with in Avatar?

Mai subsequently formed a romantic relationship with Kei Lo, mainly because he agreed to act as her double agent. As a result, she was able to stay up-to-date on the New Ozai Society’s plans. One night, Ty Lee visited Aunt Mura’s shop.

When did Mai and Zuko start dating?

Although Zuko and Mai’s relationship did not start until he joined his sister’s side, earning his return to the Fire Nation, it was hinted that they had crushes on one another when they were children, as confirmed by Azula.

Who is Mai’s new boyfriend?

Mai and Zuko didn’t see each other for some time, and Mai started dating someone new: a young man called Kei Lo. Kei Lo was a member of the New Ozai Society, who were working to remove Zuko from the throne, so Mai initially only led him on in order to gain information about the New Ozai Society’s plans.

Why did Mai and Kei break up?

After the group’s return to the Fire Nation Capital, Mai used her concern over Tom-Tom as a way to excuse her comments about Zuko and subsequently kissed Kei Lo to reassure him that she did not feel anything for the Fire Lord. The two later ended their relationship, with Kei Lo leaving Mai’s presence in tears.

Who married Sokka Avatar?

Sokka and Suki soon develop a romantic bond and later in the series they become a couple. After arriving in the Earth Kingdom, Sokka and the group discover a secret underground library. Sokka and Aang learn of the Day of Black Sun where all firebenders are powerless.

Who married Azula?

Yin Lee
A New Family. After her great achievements, Azula settled down and got married to a quite old nobleman named Yin Lee. She gave birth to two children, Chen and Mitsuki.

Are Ty Lee and Mai Firebenders?

We’ve taken a look at Mai and Ty Lee’s skills to come up with an answer. … Despite not being able to Firebend, both girls gave Team Avatar quite the challenge every time they stepped onto the screen, each bringing their own unique skills to the table.

Does Sokka get married?

Sokka is one of the few members in Team Avatar to seemingly have no children, so it’s unclear if he ever was (or stayed) romantic with anyone. … The series never mentions if he was married or even if he had children, though if he did, fans probably would’ve heard some sort of mention from Tenzin about his cousins.

Is Zuko’s daughter a bender?

Trivia. Izumi is the first known female Fire Lord, as well as one of only three known female members of the Fire Nation Royal Family by blood, the other two being her daughter and her aunt, Azula. … Unlike other known Fire Lords, Izumi has not been confirmed to be a firebender.

Is Mai Izumi’s mother?

Mai CONFIRMED as Izumi’s Mother at Emerald City Comic Con? Don’t take MY word for it, but this Avatar fan-page on Facebook has apparently posted that during the Emerald City Comic Con yesterday (March 2nd), it was confirmed that Mai is indeed Izumi’s mother.

Who is Sokka’s love interest?

Love found Sokka when he became smitten with Princess Yue of the Northern Water Tribe.

Did Suki and Sokka end up together?

Sokka and Suki later reunited and let romance blossom between them, but unfortunately it was never revealed in the comics or sequel TV show, The Legend of Korra, whether Sokka and Suki stayed together.

Who has a crush on Sokka?

Toph and Sokka are a fairly popular ship in the fandom. For one thing, Toph clearly has a crush on Sokka when they are younger, and these two always get along well as friends.

Is varrick Sokka’s son?

When respected members of the community gather at the beginning of season 2 to discuss rebellion against Unalaq, Varrick is invited and listened to as a respected member of the tribe. Again, Varrick’s confirmed southern heritage doesn’t prove he’s Sokka’s son by any means, but it does make it possible.

Does Zuko find his mother?

Zuko Is Reunited With His Mother

After learning the truth from the Mother of Faces, Zuko returns to the village and reveals to Noriko/Ursa that he is her son. Noriko then chooses to have her face and memories restored and, finally, she and Zuko are properly reunited.

Do we ever find out what happened to Zuko’s mom?

In The Search Part Two, Zuko, who is at that time a Fire Lord, enlists Azula (Zuko’s younger sister), to help solve the mystery of Ursa, but then discovers that his mom went into hiding. Ursa disappeared after convincing Ozai not to eliminate Zuko and all her memories had been erased by a spirit called Mother of Faces.

What episode does Suki and Sokka kiss?

Sokka and Suki first met on Kyoshi Island in Avatar: The Last Airbender’s fourth episode entitled “The Warriors of Kyoshi“, in which Suki gave Sokka a little kiss on the cheek after he apologized for treating her like a girl and not a warrior.