What is EAP VHI?

Your Vhi Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) is here to help you cope with all of life’s ups and downs. This free, confidential service is available to you and your family members* at any time, providing immediate access to fully qualified, accredited counsellors and information specialists.

What is covered in my VHI policy?

Your hospital accommodation – what you’re covered for…

Cover for medical treatments and surgical procedures, including ophthalmic and orthopaedic procedures in a wide range of public and private hospitals. New advanced treatments in areas such as cardiac and cancer care.

What does VHI stand for?

Voluntary Health Insurance Board
Website. vhi.ie. The Voluntary Health Insurance Board (Irish: An Bord Árachais Sláinte Shaorálaigh) — which trades under the brand name Vhi Healthcare, and is still commonly referred to in Ireland as “The Vhi” – is the largest health insurance company in Ireland.

Who underwrites VHI?

Zurich Life Assurance plc
Vhi Healthcare is tied to Zurich Life Assurance plc for Vhi Life Term Insurance and Vhi Mortgage Protection which are underwritten by Zurich Life Assurance plc.

Does VHI cover Covid 19?

Yes, you will be covered under Vhi Assist for emergency medical events including for COVID-19, if you travel to a country with an ‘Avoid all non-essential travel’ warning i.e. an Orange security rating as defined by the DFA, in accordance with the rules of your health plan.

Does VHI cover dietitian?

Dietetic fees are covered by all the main health insurance companies in Ireland (VHI, Irish Life Health & Hibernian Aviva) – please refer to your policy document for details.

Does VHI cover root canal?

Never worry about a trip to the dentist again with comprehensive cover from Vhi Dental. Enjoy cover for routine treatment including check-ups and cleanings as well as great benefits for more costly dental treatments including fillings, crowns and root canals.

Is BUPA in Ireland?

BUPA Ireland entered the private medical insurance market in Ireland in 1996 ending the Vhi Healthcare monopoly which had existed for almost 40 years following the opening of the health insurance market to competition in 1994. … In February 2007 the QUINN group acquired BUPA Ireland and renamed it QUINN-healthcare.

Does VHI cover eye tests?

Eye tests must be carried out by an Optometrist registered with the Opticians Board or by an Ophthalmic Surgeon or Ophthalmic Physician registered with Vhi Healthcare.

Does VHI cover tooth extraction?

Fillings, sealants and extractions

Fillings and simple extractions 70% cover.

Does VHI cover dental expenses?

Vhi Dental helps to manage your routine costs and covers you against major treatments and emergencies. Our range of dental plans cover check-ups, exams, cleanings and more. So, you’ll never have to worry about unexpected dental costs again. With Dentist Direct Pay, you only pay for costs not covered by your plan.

Are teeth covered in health insurance?

Most health insurance companies in India do not provide any coverage for dental procedures as they fall under the cosmetic treatment category. However, procedures arising out of accidental injuries are often covered by insurers.

Does VHI cover repatriation?

From claiming back on day-to-day expenses to emergency cover, advice and more, Vhi International gives you first class global health insurance cover. … When you include repatriation, chronic illness cover and so much more, this all adds up to comprehensive international health cover.

Is Invisalign covered by VHI?

Invisalign braces

Only those who hold an active Vhi Dental policy are eligible for this offer.

Does insurance cover periodontal treatment?

Dental insurance can cover some treatments for periodontal disease. People should enroll into periodontal insurance, which is dental insurance that covers periodontal care (“Periodontal Insurance”). They may have to pay their deductible before receiving coverage for this care (“Laser Gum Treatment & Cost”).

Does VHI cover Europe?

With Vhi International you get comprehensive, international healthcare specifically designed for Irish residents working or studying abroad for 6 months or more. So, if you get sick and need treatment or simply need medical advice, you can rest assured with Vhi International.

Does VHI cover surgery abroad?

Vhi does not provide cover if the member travels abroad specifically to get treatment. However, in exceptional circumstances and subject to prior approval and satisfaction in full of specified criteria, we will pay up to the plan amounts outlined in your Table of Benefits.

How far back can you claim VHI?

Vhi Healthcare outpatient claims must be submitted within 3 months of the end of the policy year. Vhi may, at their own discretion, allow claims that are submitted outside of the 3 month limit.

Does Irish life do travel insurance?

Irish Life Health gives you a free travel insurance policy through Allianz Assistance when you choose the International Health & Travel package. … We will contribute €50 towards the cost of travel vaccines and you can also claim a 10% point of sale discount from our partner provider Tropical Medical Bureau.

Can I get travel insurance during Covid-19?

Multitrip.com travel insurance policies provide cover for emergency medical and other expenses incurred abroad if you catch Covid-19 subject to the policy terms, limits, conditions and exclusions.

Does VHI cover consultant fees?

We will pay Consultant or General Practitioner fees for medically necessary treatment which is covered by the Schedules of Benefits and is carried out in a participating or a non-participating hospital.