How many died at Granville?

83 people
It remains the worst rail disaster in Australian history and the greatest loss of life in a confined area since the Second World War: 83 people died, more than 213 were injured, and 1,300 were affected.

Granville rail disaster.
Granville rail & road bridge disaster
Deaths83 (84 as of 2017)

How did the Granville train disaster happen?

Eighty-four people died and another 213 were injured when a commuter train derailed near Granville station, causing an overhead bridge to collapse onto two carriages, on 18 January 1977.

When was the Granville train crash?

January 18, 1977
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The morning commuter train was packed with passengers as it headed from the Blue Mountains to Sydney Central Station on January 18th 1977. As it approached the suburb of Granville, the train left the rails and smashed into the pillars supporting the road bridge above.

Where was the Granville train disaster?

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What is Granville postcode?

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