Is there an English dub for Watamote?

With Watamote set to be released on Blu-ray and DVD on August 26th, Sentai Filmworks has announced their English dub cast for the series. At the tender age of 15, Kuroki Tomoko has already dated dozens and dozens of boys and she’s easily the most popular girl around!

Does Tomoko ever get popular?

After two months without speaking to anyone in her class, Tomoko is baffled by her continuing lack of notoriety and becomes more determined than ever to gain her peers’ approval. … Though she has little to no success at first, she has slowly gained some of her peer’s respect.

Is there a season 2 of Watamote?

The anime saw the day of the light on July 8, 2013, and ended on September 23, 2013, with 12 episodes, and after its popularity increased the show makers made a special episode as well in 2014! Watamote 2 is made from a manga series. And there is much other anime that are made from manga, making it worthy and popular.

When was Watamote released?

Written by two people under the pseudonym Nico Tanigawa, WataMote began serialization on Square Enix’s Gangan Online service from August 4, 2011. The first tankōbon volume was released on January 21, 2012, with 20 volumes and an official fan book released as of September 21, 2013, ISBN 978-4-7575-3999-0.

Does Tomoko shower?

The Pig-Pen: Usually averted. Despite being a disheveled shut-in, Tomoko is shown regularly bathing herself and is confirmed to not smell. That said, some of her actions have caused her to unwittingly fall into prolonged periods of dirtiness.

What does the name Tomoko mean?

Tomoko (ともこ, トモコ) is a female Japanese given name. Like many Japanese names, Tomoko can be written using different kanji characters and can mean: 友子 – “friendly child” 知子 – “knowing child” 智子 – “wise child”

What should I watch after Watamote?

7 Best Shows Like Watamote That You Should Watching Update 12/2021
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  • Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou. …
  • Himouto! …
  • Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai.

What is the story of Watamote?

“Watamote” is short for a ridiculously long title “Watashi ga Motenai no wa do Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui!” which translates to “No matter how I look at it, it’s you guys’ fault I’m not popular!” The 12 part series narrates the story of a teenage girl, Tomoko Kuroki, starting high school, who comes to the realisation …

Who created Watamote?

Nico Tanigawa (谷川ニコ Tanigawa Nico) is a pseudonym for the author and artist of the manga WataMote.