Why I cant find someone on Spotify?

You should be able to look up profiles by entering spotify:user:[their username] into the search bar in the Spotify desktop or mobile apps. To get someone’s Spotify username, you’ll need to ask them to check their online profile.

How do I find someone on Spotify?

On your Spotify homepage, tap the “Gear” icon, then tap “View Profile.” 3. On your Spotify profile, tap “Find friends,” which will take you to a new page. Then, select which friends you want to follow, or tap “Follow All” to follow everyone in the list.

Can you make yourself unsearchable on Spotify?

Open the Spotify up on your Android or iOS device and select the settings icon at the top right-hand side of the screen. Then tap on the Social tab half way down the menu list. Simply turn the toggle on for the option to Start a private session to listen anonymously.